Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crafting Out of the Closet

Hey everyone, this is Misty from C.O.O.T.C. (Crafting Out of the Closet), I just wanted to share with you my new craft blog :) I'm still in the process of getting things set up, my craft room for instance, finally got a fresh coat of paint on it after building our house 7 yrs ago, it now resembles a Tiffany's Box, & for those of you who don't know what that is probably means you're a man, lol.... Anyways, I'll soon be adding all the extra lil touches to my room, like some much needed shelving in my open closet space (hint the name: Crafting Out of the Closet) & possibly some wall decals too.... My space will be very functional, as it will have a sitting area with a tv & reclining sofa, while the other half of the room with the shelving will be dedicated to my crafts.... I'll post pictures as things come along, hoping it will be finished within the next couple of months..... For those of you have yet to see my page on FB please do so & click the 'Like' button, we have yet to become an official page & still need more 'Likes' before that's possible..... We would really appreciate everyone's help who could make that possible..... Hope you enjoy the blog & all the upcoming handmade crafts that will soon be available on our FB page as well as our future Etsy shop page..... Hope to hear from back from y'all soon, have a Great evening & remember to Always support your local Artists......

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